Vulnerability & Risk Management

Properly planned and implemented threat and vulnerability management programs represent a key element in an organization’s information security program, providing an approach to risk and threat mitigation that is proactive and business-aligned, not just reactive and technology-focused. These programs provide a way to assess the potential business impact and risks to an organization’s information infrastructure before those events occur. These programs also facilitate compliance with specific regulations that have key security-related aspects.
Vulnerability management is only one piece of a security program. It’s not going to solve the entire risk management challenge. Vulnerability management is the foundation of a security program. You have to start with a comprehensive understanding of what’s on your network. If you don’t know it’s there, there’s no way you can protect it. You also have to understand the risks for every asset on your network in order to effectively prioritize and remediate.

Rather than deploying every security measure available, Impakt’s programs focus on the most important security practices and put them in place helping to provide strong information security protection for your organization. We have three delivery methods: On-Site, Off-Site (remote) & mixed depending on your needs. Each method allows you to track and prioritize vulnerabilities, so you don’t waste time making unnecessary changes.