Anti-malware solutions

As the IT needs of your clients constantly evolve, so do the malicious threats they need protection against. With the rise of cloud computing and more advanced mobile devices continuing to grow in popularity, industry experts predict an increase in the sophistication of malware attacks, in both the technical design of malware and the methodology cybercriminals utilize to deploy attacks.

Impakt has joined forces with several industry leading vendors to deliver integrated real-time protection against zero day attacks. Recognizing the role subjectivity plays when evaluating solutions, our offerings are designed so you don’t have to compromise on choice. Despite our continued effort to learn from and partner with the best in the business, we have discovered that no real-time protection solution prevents 100% of infections. Malware has become too sophisticated and is designed to bypass such solutions. Impakt provides expertise services that will detect and remove nasty Trojans and rootkits found deep inside the operating system. The double protection will ensure users are free from vulnerabilities, so they are free to focus on their core business.